Prime Mining – putting words into action. 

Prime is a big believer in keeping sustainability at the heart of what it does, with a mind toward mitigating the company’s environmental impact. Additionally, Prime is committed to balancing the necessities of its industry with making meaningful investments in the communities in which Prime is operational. 

Our People

Our people are the foundation for everything we do and stand for at Prime Mining. We aim to maintain a productive and supportive work environment at all times – one that is based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity. 

Additionally, we value and support all those working with our corporation, whether in the field or in the office, and we treat all employees and contractors fairly. We also provide equal opportunities at all levels of the organization without bias.

Our Environment

Prime Mining strives to ensure the highest standards of environmental compliance by committing our efforts to working closely with our partners on the ground, and through diligence in our daily activities.

We prioritize protecting the environment by minimizing the impact our exploration and operations may cause. We fully comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and are fully engaged with our local stakeholders through open and transparent communications.

Our Community

Prime Mining is committed to responsible mineral exploration and creating a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work. 

Prime delivers on this promise through regular dialogue, consultation and communications with all our stakeholders and by respecting the cultures, customs and values of the people with whom we interact and conduct business. We aim to support our local communities and their sustainability through measures such as development programs, locally sourcing goods and services, support for community initiatives and employing local people.

Our Health & Safety

The health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors and the people who live near our project areas is paramount for Prime Mining.

Our goal is to provide and operate a safe and healthy work environment, whether in our offices, or in the field. We strive to achieve zero accidents in the workplace.

As a top priority, we have developed safety systems by incorporating proper practices and procedures at our local operations. We follow strict safety and health standards and practices, all of which meet or exceed industry standards, and applicable government codes, standards and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we conduct business.

“Human health and safety comes first in our world of mineral exploration and mining. Now we extend that concern to our home, members of our communities and people around the globe as we jointly share the impact of COVID-19.” – Daniel Kunz, Prime Mining CEO

2022 ESG Report

on the ONYEN® scorecard platform


In a response to the current pandemic environment, Prime Mining has taken actions to minimize the risks of the Covid-19 virus, both to employees and people interacting with the Company’s programs and activities. Although there are no active or current cases of the virus reported at any of the Company’s workplaces in Canada, USA or Mexico, Prime Mining is following government health protocols and is closely monitoring activities in order to allow responsive management.

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